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deb-Bee’s Honey

Always a favorite at the Market is deb-Bee’s Honey. Once you “get to know” more about Debbie and Kevin, and what makes their honey so special, you’ll understand why the customers flock to their booth.


 A few details about deb-Bee’s Honey:

They sell only their honey, from their bees. They are not honey brokers.

Spreading out the location of their hives is what makes their honey special. They partner with other farmers and landowners in numerous locations throughout north Georgia to place their hives, keeping only ten to twenty at each spot. The reason behind this is so that there is enough of a natural food supply (flower nectar) for the bees at each location. If too many bees are kept in one place their feed has to be supplemented with cane sugar and corn syrup, resulting in honey which is not pure, but part syrup.

The hives being spread out so far does make the bee-keeping more time consuming, but it’s beneficial to the environment by sharing the pollinators over a larger area. What we love about it is that we get pure, unheated, strained (but not micro-filtered) honey. You can truly taste the difference!


Favorites and new this year:

deb-Bee’s Honey produces what is widely thought of as the “best honey in the world” - Sourwood Honey. The foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in north Georgia are ideal for making Sourwood Honey due to the weather conditions being perfect, and the sourwood trees being abundant.


You’ll want to stop by their booth and do a little “honey” tasting, but we’re betting choosing a favorite will be a tough task. Besides the sourwood they offer wildflower honey, flavor-infused honey, and, our personal favorite, bourbon barrel aged honey.


Coming soon is creamed (or spun) honey and deb-Bee’s will be offering three flavors - Blackberry, Raspberry and Peach. You can always check out their website to keep up with what’s available.

What do you love about Norcross Community Market?

Kevin told us that they love the Norcross Community Market because the shoppers love them. Repeat customers are the highest honor any vendor could have, and deb-Bee’s has faithful honey lovers that return over and over.


Stop by the deb-Bee’s booth for a visit

Kevin is usually there and will happily let you sample the honey because he knows that after one taste you’ll be hooked. deb-Bee’s sustainable bee-keeping and love of the environment means that they produce pure honey with out-of-this-world flavor.


This is the final installment of the Know Your Farmer Series for 2019. We hope that you having enjoyed learning more about the farmers as much as we have enjoyed sharing their stories and photos of them and their fine, local products. We would love to have you sign up to receive weekly Southern recipes from Biscuits and Burlap by clicking this link.

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To read more about this series, please visit the first edition here.

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