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Keisha Cameron, and son Zach

Keisha Cameron, and son Zach

High Hog Farm

New to Norcross Community Market this year is High Hog Farm, owned by Keisha and Warren Cameron, and operated largely by Keisha and their family.

A Visit to High Hog's Vendor Tent

Stepping into the shade of their tent is stepping into an explosion of sights, smells, colors and touch. The beautifully fragrant bunches of lavender blended with purple onions and the lightly purple tones of basil. Add to that the "light as air" feel of the bags of beautiful, gray angora fiber, and you've got a real treat for your senses.



A Few Facts About High Hog

High Hog Farm is located about 20 miles east of Norcross in the Grayson area, which is largely suburban. High Hog has 5 acres that they've been farming on for about 5 years.

Keisha and her family are focusing their farming techniques around keeping some of the old methods alive and well. While "permaculture" is a relatively new term, the thought processes behind sustaining the fertility of the land, while at the same time producing food, is really ages old. 

What Does High Hog Farm Produce?

While we were able to enjoy the beautiful vegetables, herbs, fiber and lavender, the biggest part of their production is from livestock. They raise poultry (turkey, ducks and chickens) and pork, as well as producing raw goat milk. 


Future Goals and Plans

High Hog is planning to move into greater volumes of fiber production. The fiber is a true love of Keisha's and she is working toward fiber being their farm's primary product. Stop by for a visit and ask to touch this Angora. You'll be amazed.

Angora Fiber

Angora Fiber


In keeping with that goal, Keisha plans to move the gardening portion of the farm to the less labor-intensive products that come from orchards and perennial gardening. 

Achievements to Be Proud Of

High Hog Farm is the proud recipient of a Food Well Alliance grant. In case you're unfamiliar, Food Well Alliance defines their organization this way:

"As an Alliance, we unite communities in Atlanta to build a robust local food system - a network of individuals and organizations that grow, process, distribute and consume fresh local food. We connect people, ideas, leadership and capital to build a city that values healthy, locally-grown food."

They are also a cohort of the Small Farmer Agricultural Leadership Training Institute of the 1890 Land Grant University System. Read more about that program here.

Why Norcross?

It has been fascinating to hear the answers of each of the farmers in this series. Keisha Cameron, like the other farmers, had a quick and sure response. She wants to see healthy food, like she produces at High Hog, get to those areas that need it most. Many reading this may not realize that areas of Norcross are designated as "food deserts". As defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture food deserts are "low-income communities located more than one mile from a reliable source of fresh produce and other healthy whole foods." We applaud Keisha for her efforts, and we're excited to have her join our market.

Lavender grown at High Hog Farm

Lavender grown at High Hog Farm


One Last Question: What are you most proud of?

After giving it a bit of thought Keisha explained how moved she is by the connection her family is building to the land. She chuckled a little as she told about one of her children recently showing a long-awaited interest in raising food after they're grown and gone from High Hog Farm. That's success to be proud of!

See you at the Norcross Community Market!

Be sure to look for Keisha Cameron of High Hog Farm and tell her about reading her story here. 


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