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Swanson Family Farm

Norcross Community Market is happy to welcome again this year Swanson Family Farm, owned and operated by Wayne Swanson, Jr., of Henry County, Georgia

A few details about Swanson Family Farm

Wayne Swanson followed his father's footsteps into the business of being an electrician. Years later, though, he felt the call to take those footsteps another generation back, and become what his grandparents had been - farmers. 

Swanson Family Farm's location is unique by being in the suburbs. It's totally surrounded by subdivisions of homes, as you can see in this photo.



What does Swanson produce?

Actually more ranch than farm, Swanson Family Farm raises livestock for meat. Their main products are grass fed beef, pastured pork, goat and lamb. Wayne tells us that they have built their farm on the belief that God does not make mistakes. He intended for animals to live in pastures and feed on grass and that's the way their animals are raised.


Recognition and Achievements

Wayne is proud to be one of the founders of a local 4-H Club in partnership with Future Mountain Movers. 4-H is well known for their mission to empower young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime, but you may not have heard of Future Mountain Movers. Its Leadership Development Program's mission is to motivate, empower, and encourage young men through education, leadership, development, mentoring, activities and other resources.

Wayne himself also received this award for dedication to providing farm fresh grass-fed meats to the local businesses and communities in Georgia. It was presented to him in February by the Georgia Women in Agriculture Association and he has the award proudly posted on his and the Swanson Family Farm's Facebook page.


What are you most proud of?

This is a question we've asked the other farmers in this "Know Your Farmer" series and our hearts have been touched by every one of their answers. Wayne's reply is no different. He's most proud of his son. Through involvement with the family farm, his son has decided to pursue his education and become a veterinarian. Not only that, but as he starts college in the fall, he has chosen a school close enough to home that he can continue his involvement with the farm.

See you at the Norcross Community Market!

Be sure to look for Swanson Family Farms at the market. Stop by to say hello,and stock up your fridge and freezer with those grass-fed, pastured meats that they so proudly raise and bring to us.



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